Autumn Family Photos at Swarthmore College

I just love that more and more families are getting pictures taken together.  I remember the days where photos were usually just of the kids, and they were usually taken at a department store.  The days when pictures were taken of adults just on your wedding day are gone, and that is such a good thing!  These days, families are heading out to their favorite locations to capture a just few moments of them ‘together.’  And the best pictures, in my opinion, are the ones in which you look like your normal selves, just having a nice time with each other.  Styled shoots, with lots of outfit changes and props, and details are great for many things, but maybe not for representing who your family really is.  Children grow up so fast and our days and weeks are so busy, that before we know it, years have flown by.  And isn’t it nice to be able to think back on that sunny Sunday morning you spent together in the gardens of one of the prettiest college campuses out there {If you’ve never been to Swarthmore College, I highly recommend you take a trip.  In addition to the beautiful structures, there are multiple gardens, including a ‘Fragrance Garden!’  Who even knew there was such a thing?!?}?   What’s better than a college campus in the fall, with freshly fallen leaves, blue skies, flowering gardens, and old stone buildings?  In this area, we are really spoiled by the number of colleges and universities within close range, and we should definitely take advantage of that.

That’s certainly the case for Amanda and Josh and their sweet 2 year old daughter Amelia.  Amanda and Josh are college sweethearts, and they spent this bright, late September day with one Amanda’s closest friends, who just happens to be a great wedding and family photographer.  Little Miss Amelia wasn’t crazy about getting her picture taken, at first, so that was all the more reason to keep things natural and relaxed.  Her cute little personality really came out, and she had such a fun time running through the fields {How much do you love those curls?  And the boots?!? I can’t even stand how cute she is!}.  The resulting images are just perfect.  You can see the love this family has for each other, and you can see who they really are.  Moments, and pictures, like these will surely be treasured forever.

{Photography by Candice Linehan;}
















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