Ballet Boudoir by Ash Imagery


From Mike of Ash Imagery:

While photographing her during an editorial session, we got to talking about boudoir and how cool it would be to do a session combining the two.  An easy thing to do would have been to do the shoot in a dance studio, or outside, something where people are used to seeing ballet take place.  What I wanted to do was photograph ballet moves in a location more geared towards boudoir and show a contrast between the two .. not a vast contrast, just something subtle.  We approached it like you have access to a ballet dancer getting ready, or behind the scenes the morning of a performance.  We wanted it to be striking, but also sensual. 

Contrasty, but light. 

Beyond the location and subject, I never really enter a boudoir session with ideas in mind.  I enjoy being presented with a scene and having to come up with ideas on the spot, it tends to fuel my creativity.  Once I start planning, I begin to lose inspiration and it always ends up feeling contrived.  So essentially, we met up and she did her thing and I did mine.  When you have two people that connect well on an artistic level, you can feel the creativity in the room. 

This was one of those sessions.  

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