College of Physicians Summer Wedding by Asya Photography

This easy going – yet gorgeous – couple and their late summer wedding have stolen our hearts.  Nastassja and Anthony eschewed anything super-formal and embraced the things that either were significant to them or just caught their eye, and the results were nothing short of beautiful.  Their ceremony was held in the medicinal herb garden at the College of Physicians, and then the celebration that followed was just what this couple hoped for.  But, before they joined their family and friends, Asya Photography captured some of the loveliest couples’ portraits we’ve seen.  Sticking with the informal concept, Nastassja and Anthony look as though they’re taking a few moments to stroll through some of their favorite places in the city, so much in love, in just the most beautiful summer evening light possible.  Even though it might not be anything fancy or elaborate, when you think about it, you realize that those few moments right after you say ‘I Do’ are pretty  much as close to perfect as you can get.  {Be sure to scroll down and read about the day in the couples’ own words!}

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We met at law school. We were in different sections but had mutual friends and one class together. I still remember the first time we ever hung out – we were at a school happy hour and bonded over picking Van Morrison songs on the jukebox (that’s why we picked Moondance as our first song). We started dating the summer after our second year.  We had the ceremony and the reception at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia. The ceremony was outside in the medicinal garden – a space so surrounded by trees and plants it’s hard to tell you’re downtown.  The College of Physicians is unique because it contains the Mutter Museum, a medical oddities museum. The building is beautiful and historic. We had been talking about doing a small wedding on the beach and already had the College appointment so we decided to go – as soon as we walked in we were like well–I guess this is happening. We loved that the venue was in the middle of Philadelphia and had so much history to it.  

My Grandma Babe gave the tiny cross to my Mom on her wedding day to my Dad and she gave it to me on our wedding day; my earrings were borrowed from Anthony’s Mom, who was given them by her Mom the day she married Anthony’s Dad.  My bracelet was from Mariana Encheva on Etsy (all my bridesmaids were given matching bracelets and our Moms and my Grandma were given matching necklaces).  We didn’t use a coordinator or wedding planner, though Dan Love of Catering By Design basically helped us every step of the way.  

We didn’t really have a theme – honestly if we liked it we just chose it. We wanted to stay as far away from formal as possible, so most of the choices revolved around whether it would be fun or make people more comfortable.  

We would describe the day as relaxed and incredibly fun. It was overwhelming to be surrounded by so much love from our friends and family. Our favorite personal touch was a collage of framed pictures of our closest family members who had passed away. It was hard to not have them physically with us, but we were happy we could still make them part of our day.

When I think about our wedding day I first remember laughing the entire night – literally so much laughing my chest and face hurt. And constantly just being in awe of the family and friends around us being so supportive and happy for us.  A special moment was when my Dad and I were waiting to walk outside for the ceremony and we heard a roar of applause and cheers – everyone was applauding Anthony as he walked out. It made us both burst out laughing and set the tone for the rest of the day 

From Anthony:  I will always remember walking into the reception area after the ceremony and Nastassja immediately started crying. She managed to keep it together during the ceremony (I didn’t and kept choking up during our vows) but as soon as we were alone for a minute she turned to me and started sobbing. We were both overcome with so much emotion and joy. 

Photographer:  Asya Photography // Ceremony and Reception Venue:  College of Physicians // Catering:  Catering by Design // Florist:  Garnish // Music:  Imagine (EBE) // Stationery:  No. 18 Paper Co. // Transportation:  Philadelphia Trolley Works // Wedding Dress:  Martina Liana // Men’s Attire:  Men’s Wearhouse and The Tie Bar // Rings:  Winthrop Jewelers


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