Couple Portraits in Paris by Claire Morris Photography {Dream Destinations}

We started Dream Destinations to share our love for travel, and to show just how many beautiful places there are out there.  As much as we love everything that living in the greater Philadelphia area has to offer, there’s something magical about seeing the world, whether you stick close to home, or travel a bit further, like this couple did.  After a very unexpected, yet ultimately beautiful, start to their lives together,  Lindsey and Nathan treated themselves to a VERY well deserved trip to one of the most amazing cities out there – Paris.  Already married for four years, they also treated themselves to something more couples should do – a portrait session with just the two of them by Claire Morris Photography {who is pretty magical, herself…}, capturing the spark that started them on their journey together.

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From Claire of Claire Morris Photography:

Lindsey & Nathan are both photographers from California. Upon booking and discussing the locations of the photo-shoot I asked them ‘Are there any locations you would love to have in your photo-shoot?’  They replied with – ”No, but what would YOU love to shoot?”  This for me was amazing… I had this idea for quite a while about using the gorgeous boats in a Paris Park… finding a willing couple on the other hand… not so easy.  The thought of my couple falling in the lake  and returning drenched to their gorgeous hotel – eeeeek…  Anyway this couple – when I loosely suggested it – were more than up for the adventure  and the risk for great photographs. It was so much fun to shoot, and these 2 were crazy in that boat…  With my feet firm on dry land shouting a few commands across the lake – Lindsey and Nathan were amazing to shoot.

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From Lindsey:

We specifically did NOT bring our cameras because we didn’t want to feel the pressure of needing to document our trip. The agreement between Nathan & I was-candid moments on our phones then hire a proper photographer to specially document this amazing city (and us in it). We found the perfect photographer to do it. It started to DOWNPOUR when we were in the boat-I half expected Ryan gosling to attack at the end SO FUN!!!
Always let your photographer design the shoot-the client always wins because the photographer knows best.

Nathan and I had been dating about 9 months when we got our big fat positive. [pregnant]
We were both in college getting awesome grades and really active in all kinds of fun things. Nathan had a rather promising future as a drummer touring the country and I had just put a $370 down payment on a travel abroad summer trip through Europe.  whoops.

We *thought* we were being smart about our “relations” but how smart can you really be when you’re relating a little too close when you’ve got no solid marital foundation (or…uh…marriage?)

So we took a deep breath-dropped all of the “fun stuff” and decided rather than shot gunning a wedding we would invest financially in a pretty in depth program investigating a future as man and wife and preparing ourselves emotional, physically, psychologically and spiritually for our future together raising an unexpected little one. Would that mean marriage? Maybe. We weren’t sure. But we WERE sure that our baby was going to have the same healthy start & well rounded nurturing childhood as any other child born into any other by the book household in America. We were two kids who loved each other endlessly & made a “mistake”. We just had to do some hard work to swap that word out for “miracle” and we were set on doing it right.

We “graduated” from our pre-marital counselling a few weeks before Bella’s due date. We were solid. We were ready. Nathan dropped drumming completely and put 500% into finishing his business degree so he could support his new family to be. I worked my butt off waitressing tables and finishing my semester and saving every penny up so I could stay home with our baby until she was 1 year (that was our goal-4 years later we’re still going strong-a blessing indeed). Nathan & I spent forever on her nursery in our first “home” together painting it the perfect shade of light pink. It was around that time that Nathan proposed to me at the foot of the golden gate bridge on an ice cold night in san francisco. I was wrapped in a blanket and annoyed that he was making a ginormous preggo stand out in the cold so he could set up the stupid timer on the camera. I felt a little sheepish when I looked down and realized he was proposing to me with my beautiful, sweet & simple little diamond band (all we could possibly afford).

We went to the Nashville courthouse. None of our parents, brothers or sisters were living in Tennessee so we were totally by ourselves. We stood in the sweetest judge’s chamber. We said our vows. We exchanged rings. We donated money to one of the judge’s favorite charities rather than paying him a fee for marrying us (at his request).

Then we went to our favorite ***itty bitty*** italian restaurant on West End Avenue in Nashville. We called ahead. Nathan mentioned we were just married and were going to be having our reception there in about a half hour-just the 2 of us. The owner found some candles and adorable celebratory confetti and decorated our romantic 2 top in the corner.

We have not a single picture of such a perfect day.

Then 2 weeks later we had our miracle baby who showed us what life’s all about.


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