Holiday Party Tips from La Petite Fleur

If you’re anything like me, you’ve waited until the last minute to get anything done for the holidays.  Literally – the LAST minute.  As in, I’ll be shopping today.  While I’m trying not to freak out too much about having to go to the mall two days before Christmas, I’m so happy to be sharing about one of the best parts of the season – the holiday parties!!  If you are like me, and love to push the limits on this whole ‘planning ahead’ thing, it’s definitely not too late to get something together for work friends, family, girlfriends, high school friends, or even a book club.  We still have all of next week to ‘technically’ be in that holiday time, and with the advice of our friends at La Petite Fleur, you’ll be able to throw all the prettiest details together in no time.     These snacks look delicious, but don’t mind me while I skip ahead to the ‘holiday cocktail’ portion of the party…{winkwink}.

La Petite Fleur’s S.O.S. Party Tips

Tis’ the Season of Style (S.O.S.) and like most, event studio La Petite Fleur (LPF) and it’s paper atelier, Fleurish, Ink., can’t wait for all the pretty merry-making! In fact, we’ve already decked the studio for our annual holiday party.  So forget the “four calling birds” and check LPF’s “four planning Ss” list twice to create an office party that’s oh-so-nice.

1. Serious Style.  Set the stage for colleagues with a festive, yet eclectic, theme or look that will have them counting down the days!  Deck the halls of your office or studio with décor that will peak their interest. Create a focal wall in the conference room— Command Strips are perfect for the job— and set a focal table with décor, food and more.  Use the vertical space afforded by the wall for much of the accessories so party-goers have room to mix and mingle, and be sure to start with something unusual! At LPF, we couldn’t resist hanging a cardboard reindeer sculpture, in lieu of the usual wreath. (And yes, we did play pin the nose on the reindeer… and ‘oh what fun’ we had!).

This Season of Style also teems with traditional patterns and colors, so the trick is to use them in untraditional fashions for a fresh feel. This year, LPF went mad with plaid AND check patterns and ‘jacked’ the studio!  Rather than draping garland or pine rope for our office party, we beribboned the walls with a variety of contrasting patterned ribbons. The dining table was even dressed in a holly and pine plaid linen—while place settings featured green and black swatch napkins, topped with gold pinecones. The plaid also made an appearance (and a statement!) as steer silhouettes— framed in gold, of course. From the candlesticks and pineapple vases, to the painted champagne bottle and various trees— we really went for the gold… touches– to brighten the red, green and black palette!


2. Snacks& Sweets. No party is complete without crave-worthy, coordinating snacks, sweets and signature cocktails!  LPF served-up a selection of savory and sweet popcorns that satiated (and coordinated with) every palette! Bubbly and baked goods abounded, too. Even our ‘Plaid Hatter’ champagne cocktails coordinated (see recipe below). So when setting your holiday office party menu, keep it simple, yet sentimental!  Remember, it’s not just the Season of Style, it’s the season of ‘sweet-memories,’ so childhood treats like chocolate chip cookies, nuts, and peppermint bark are the perfect accompaniments to sweet potato fries and filet sliders (finger foods and merry mingling go hand-in-hand!).


3. Signage. Santa’s team of reindeers followed ‘a nose that glows,’ so create signs to ensure every guest knows ‘oh what fun’ she’ll enjoy (and eat) during the celebration. Whether it’s directions for a party game, like making anonymous lists of ‘naughty and nice’ memories from the past year, or food station signs— make even the practical party pieces, pretty.  LPF designed die-cut ‘cheers’ straw toppers for the cocktails and labeled the snacks and sweets accordingly!


4. Say Thank You! Favors are not only a must at parties, but a must-do at a holiday office party, which is the time to acknowledge and celebrate your collaborative successes!  LPF presented ‘Santa Sacks’ to team members for ‘being such deers over the past year’! Gold paper bags, filled with each person’s favorite indulgence (there were several packed with chocolates!), were adorned with a plaid square layered with a shimmer stock that boasted the sweet sentiment.  Of course, the packaging was finished with contrasting plaid ribbon and holly (snip sprigs from the yard!).

And during the Season of Style, you’ll certainly want to incorporate thank-you-favors into the décor.  For LPF’s studio celebration, we coordinated the favors’ packaging with the party’s look (told you we went mad with plaid) and then used the treats as tablescape accessories— presenting them together on a gold hammered tray. When presenting a collection of items, simply prettily position the pieces on a serving tray, cake stand, flip over serving bowls to use as pedestals, or present a combination thereof (an eclectic grouping with varied heights is always festive!).


La Petite Fleur’s ‘Plaid Hatter’ Holiday Cocktail

1 part prosecco or champagne (chilled!)

1 part cranberry juice (chilled!)

1 part vodka (chilled!)

A splash of orange liquor (Grand Marnier or Triple Sec)

Finish with a cranberry or orange peel twirl



Stationery Design, Printing & Assembly: Fleurish, Ink, the paper atelier at La Petite Fleur // Photography,  Décor, and Flowers:  La Petite Fleur



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