Intimate Philadelphia Wedding by Peach Plum Pear Photography

Despite its small, intimate size, this Philadelphia wedding is one for the ages.  With timeless touches and beautiful details, Emmanuelle and Chris highlighted what was most important to them and what most represented their life together, and this resulted in a heartfelt, simple elegance that we all could likely use more of in our days.

Emmanuelle and Chris had a small, intimate, winter wedding at Barbuzzo in Center City. It was a very cold day but we decided to still do photos outside as planned! We went to Washington Square park first and stopped at Talula’s Garden outdoor space and then took an Uber to Rittenhouse Square because Emmanuelle and Chris wanted some photos with the lights at the park. We walked around and they even practiced their first dance!  At Barbuzzo, Chris’s brother officiated their wedding. The space looked really beautiful with lots of candles around! ~Inna, Peach Plum Pear Photography
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From Emmanuelle … Chris and I met six years ago, while both in medical school at the University of Florida. We both happened to be presenting some of our research at a conference in the hospital, and after some casual conversation over pizza (including his making fun of my masculine name), we jumped passionately on board with what has turned out to be the best adventure of our lives! He had moved to Philadelphia a year ahead of my finishing school, and when the time came to decide where to pursue my training further, I knew I couldn’t give up the opportunity of seeing what was in store for us,  and here we are– four years laterWe are very private people, and a small wedding with family seemed most natural… but by no means does it take away from how grateful we are for the people who were not there with us– as we have made incredible friends through the various stages of our lives– each helping make us better people! Barbuzzo was a natural fit, as I have now bullied Chris into also making this our favorite restaurant, and once we saw the space and met Jess, their event coordinator, we knew this was the place! We had already shared so many wonderful moments here, so we were excited to add another one! I grew up in France, and we had planned to have a destination wedding there, but wouldn’t trade our ultimate choice… starting this next chapter of our lives in the city we are making home! 
I think we would both agree that the best part of our day was being able to share our vows with each other! We had taken time to reflect on the important aspects of our relationship prior to the wedding, and incorporated those  into the promises we made to each other…needless to say, I sobbed through mine, and am not sure if any of our guests understood what I said, but Chris did. As to what our guests say about our wedding day,  everyone has used the words elegant and intimate.
Describing our relationship in one word is hard, since there are so many I would like to choose! But maybe ‘epic’… As in, we share a love story that is epic to us, our life. Not necessarily meaning ‘grand’, but in terms of how committed we are to each other– from the ability to epically sit on the couch for hours at a time and re-charge with each other, or epically explore the world through the amazing adventures we have been on– from the decisions that have brought us here, to the vacations we have been lucky to venture on! Because of the life we want to build together, the dreams we are chasing, as a family and individuals, but always, the most epic part of our day, is we are able to go to sleep and wake up to each other.
Hair:  Mirror and Mantel // Flowers:  Wegmans in Cherry Hill, NJ // Photography:  Peach Plum Pear // Venue:  Barbuzzo  // Dress:  Club Monaco // Shoes:  Prada  // Suit:  Charles Tyrwhitt 

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