Manayunk in Film

So much of photography is about perspective, and in this ‘digital’ age, we often are swayed to think bigger and fancier is better.  But while digital photography is amazing, so is its predecessor…film.  And especially so – instant film.  Both film and digital mediums have their place, but there’s just something about the look, feel, and process of shooting film that can’t be duplicated with digital photography.  Shooting film allows you to be fully in the moment, not distracted by the back of the camera – there’s no ‘screen’ to check after each image…you just have to trust the shot.  Instant film offers something a little extra, and the actual, tangible photo minutes after the shot brings us all back to another time, but also keep us firmly rooted where we are, right in that moment.  The colors, movement, and perfect imperfections that result capture those ‘right now’  moments and create memories like nothing else.

Film photography enthusiasts Bri {Bri Morse Imagery} and Lindsey {Lindsey Gerstlauer Photography} wandered around Manayunk with their film cameras, taking in what they saw.  Using film allows the photographer to slow down, take in the details, utilize the natural light, and capturing the little moments that can mean so much.

From Bri, shot with a Polaroid SLR 680 with Impossible Instant Color Film and a Polaroid Land Camera using Fuju 100C film.




From Lindsey, using a Leica C1 with Ilford film and a One Step Polaroid with color 600 Film:






February 24, 2016 - 7:25 am

Leah Greene - Bri, Lovely photos, remembering my days as a single gal living in Manayunk, It’s such a lovely place in the city- Leah Greene

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