Mountain Top Inn & Resort Wedding by Pat Robinson Photography

Lili and Paul’s wedding played out like a real-life version of the classic holiday movie, White Christmas.  Family and friends, including the Pat Robinson Photography team,  traveled from Delaware to Vermont for a snowy celebration during the weekend before Christmas, but there wasn’t a flake in sight, and the forecast showed a string of 50 degree days.  Heartbreaking, to say the least, to everyone hoping for a white wedding weekend – especially the bride.  Trying not to let this overshadow what would be a great weekend regardless, festivities went on as planned.  After falling in love with Vermont during a summer trip, Lili never wavered in her vision of a rustic winter wedding at the unbelievably picturesque Mountaintop Inn and Resort and equally beautiful Christ the King Parish in Rutland.  She was intent, however, on adding her own personal flair, and each and every detail – from the Christmas ball place cards to the bridesmaids’ plaid wraps – was so thoughtfully planned and selected.  Some details, though, were more significant than others.  Lili’s brother, Phillip, died a few months prior to the couple’s engagement, and his memory was honored in a few special ways, like the pie table {Phillip always said he would have pies at his wedding!} – featuring a selection from local bakery, Trillium.  Surrounded by the beautiful Vermont mountains, the Sweet Beats Band kept the dance floor full, and it was truly a night like no other for Lili and Paul and their families and friends.   There were so many special and heartwarming moments throughout the wedding weekend, but – just like the movie – the most magical and of them all was, for so many reasons, when the snow began to fall.

{See Lili and Paul’s engagement session here…and BE SURE to scroll down and read more about their day from Lili!}






Many people ask us “Why Vermont?” They want to know if we have family there or what makes it so special to us. The story is this: my husband’s family has had a sweet spot for Vermont for at least the past ten years. They have an annual “Post-Christmas” vacation to various areas of Vermont to ski and take in the mountains and enjoy the winter wonderland of snow. I quickly became a fan of Vermont after my first trip, which was actually Fourth of July 2014. Being an avid backpacker, I can wholeheartedly embrace John Muir’s words of “The mountains are calling and I must go…” I appreciate the mountain scenery and the mountain air much more than the hot summer, so it was decided that after we got engaged in December 2014, what better place to get married than Vermont and what better time than the winter season!
On my first actual “Post-Christmas” Vermont trip, we spent time looking at venues to see if our Vermont dreams could be reality. While we saw ten venues, it wasn’t until the last day of our vacation and the last venue we were visiting, that we found “the one.” Mountain Top Inn had everything we dreamt of when we thought of a Vermont Winter Wedding– the rustic feel, the mountain top views, the cozy feel of the main inn– it was everything we imagined.
While I think Linda can attest that I obsessed over every tiny detail, there were a few that really had sentimental value to me. For my bouquet, I wanted to include some way to honor my brother who died the September before we got engaged. My mom came up with the perfect idea of wrapping my bouquet in one of his bandannas that he wore both backpacking and in everyday life to control his unruly curly hair. It was so special to me to feel like he was there with us. The other homage to my brother was the pie table. He told me that at his wedding he was going to have pie because it was so much better than cake (and he himself made delicious pies!). I have to say that I agree with his claim and that resulted in our pie table of a few delectable varieties of pie from local bakery, Trillium. I heard guests rave over them, so I think it was a hit!
Something that brides are always told is that you can’t control the weather! It never even crossed my mind that this would apply to our winter wedding. One of the aspects of Vermont we desired most for our winter wedding was a beautiful layer of snow. As the weeks inched closer, I had to face the reality of a snow-less wedding. We drove up to Vermont from Delaware on a Thursday with 50 degree temperatures and no change in sight even as we hit the mountains. Friday came and the night of the rehearsal and still not a flake. Well, I could not have been more amazed when Saturday morning while getting my hair done, flurries appeared! It didn’t stop there though– we had a nice coating of a few inches (enough for sledding the next day!) for our wedding day. The snow literally fell as we took our first look portraits and bridal party photos– it made for a magical day and was another reminder of my brother’s presence as I had asked him a week prior to please just give us snow on our wedding day as a sign that he was there. 
There will always be things I can pick out wishing I had done better or differently because I am a perfectionist, but I can truly say this was the most amazing day of my life and I felt such joy being surrounded by family and friends who made the trip. I think everyone who attended really enjoyed that they could stay on the property and it was so much fun just running into friends or family in the lobby of the inn or seeing everyone the morning after for breakfast. Everytime my husband and I watch our wedding video, we laugh, we cry, and we are so thankful for all the people that made this day possible!

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