Philly Elopement by Jeff Anderson Photography

The best part about a wedding is that it can be whatever the couple wants it to be – a big, fancy affair, or something much more simple.  After ten years of dating, Lesley and Chris decided to tie the knot in a small city hall ceremony, and their friend, Jeff of Jeff Anderson Photography  with some help from Bri Morse Imagery, came with them to document all the special moments.  Starting by the beautiful spring blooms at the Art Museum and then wrapping up with drinks at El Vez, they had the most intimate, romantic day, focusing on just the most essential parts of a wedding day – the promise between two people.




From Jeff Anderson Photography:

Lesley and Chris have been dating for about 10 years and have lived together for a good portion of that time. They knew they wanted to get married, but didn’t wish to do anything “traditional”. So, time passed and life moved on. Finally, they had an idea to keep it simple and to themselves. So, they planned a day to go into the city and have their ceremony at the courthouse (City Hall), while making an evening of it in the city. They didn’t tell their family or friends.  We started at the art museum, then went to city hall for their ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet, in a private room. The judge was really kind and seemed to really take honor in what he was doing (marrying them), rather than just walking through the motions. Then, we set out around city hall for a celebratory cocktail and some more photos at El Vez on 13th Street.  They ordered at the bar, moved to a booth, cuddled, shared and sipped for a bit, prior to us heading back out. We parted as we reached city hall again.  Following the photos, they checked into their downtown hotel and went to R2L for dinner.  


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