Snapped Studios ‘Studio’ Engagement Session

Monday mornings can be tough {especially after the beautiful weekend that we just had!}, but Marty the Corgi – along with his parents! – are here to make this day just a bit brighter.   Mel and Matt met at work seven years ago and are planning an October 2015 wedding at the Delaware Beaches {scroll down to read more about their sweet story!}, and I can’t get enough of their engagement session by Snapped Studios!  First – of course – the Corgi!  This breed is near and dear to my heart, and I’ve never seen a Corgi who isn’t the happiest little guy {or gal} around.  Most importantly, though,  as much as I love the ‘out and about’ type of engagement shoots, there’s something to be said about keeping things simple so that who you are as a couple shines through.  By choosing to have their shoot in Snapped’s studio with two of their favorite things – their favorite Dogfish Head beer and their dog – and maintaining a relaxed vibe throughout, we could focus Mel and Matt together and were able feel that love they share.  And that, friends, is what it’s all about.  I can’t wait to see what these two have in store for their beach wedding, but until then, I’ll be happy and content with that Corgi smile.  I hope Monday treats you well!


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Matt and I met at work seven years ago, and we’ve been dating about six and a half years.  We were both hired on the same day for a financial company! We got hired onto the same team on the same day  (and actually sat directly next to each other for a pretty long time).  Matt held the door for me on my first day and we got chatting, the rest is history.   We still both work for the same company, different departments and jobs.  We got engaged on Christmas Eve of this year.  It was a total surprise!  He had hidden the ring in my stocking.  We are getting married in October. Our ceremony is on the beach in Dewey Beach Delaware and the reception is at a country club in Rehoboth Beach.  Rehoboth Beach is very special to us, as Matt’s family owns a beach house in Rehoboth and we spend a lot of time there.  We find ourselves at the Dogfish Head Brewpub a lot down there…we both love craft beer and thought it would be great to incorporate them into to our pictures! 

Marty came into our lives about 2 and a half years ago, Matt and I were living in very small apartment in Phoenixville.  I had wanted a dog my entire life but never had one.  Matt also never had a dog and honestly wasn’t crazy about getting one.  It took some convincing but once we moved out of our small apartment into a townhome, he gave in.  We did some research on dog breeds, as I wanted a smaller dog and Matt was more interested in a bigger dog.   I found some information on the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed online, and I just loved what people had to say about their personalities. They are super affectionate and love being around people, which fit perfectly for us as first time dog owners.   We found Marty through a breeder out towards Penn State – when we saw a picture of Marty at 5 days old we knew he was the one.  Corgis are herding dogs so we think it’s funny that we are his little herd and he is constantly trying to herd us together.  For instance, if I’m upstairs and Matt is downstairs he’ll run up and down the steps circling me then circling Matt to try and get us together.  Marty loves going for walks, playing in the snow, and hanging out with his grandparents (Matt’s parents). 



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