The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in. ~Henry Green

Delancey & Penn gives a unique twist to the traditional ‘wedding blog.’  Delancey & Penn generally features a limited number of images and, by doing so, is able to focus on moments over details, and a few striking and memorable captures over many many pretty pictures.

Delancey & Penn features weddings, engagements, and family shoots, as well as boudoir shoots, portraits, and other editorial/creative photographic projects.  We love sharing the work of photographers who use a variety of medium to create their art (digital, film, instant film, black and white).  Delancey & Penn highly values the photographer’s perspective and role as an artist, and this is central to each and every submission.  We would like you, the photographer, to choose what you’d like to share.  Send us a few images, and tell us about them.  Tell us about the people, and tell us what you saw that day.  We also love when our photographers put us in touch with the people in front of the lens, as it’s their story that brings these images to life.

Overall, keep in mind that the look that generally resonates with Delancey & Penn is a natural and relaxed, ethereal, ‘real life’ look.  Images that capture moments, glimpses, glances, and emotions really have our hearts.

Please note that all photographs must be web ready, watermark free, and at least 750 pixels wide and 72 dpi.  At this time, we only accept submissions from the photographer.  Please email us at with a link to a Dropbox folder (preferred) with 5-10 of your favorite images, along with a short narrative about the moments  in those pictures.  Tell us what you saw while capturing the day.  Include any necessary vendor information (most importantly, the location), as well as input from the couple if desired, sharing their story in their own words.  While we are not an exclusive blog at this time, do let us know if the photos have been featured elsewhere. Please note that we will give preference to exclusive content.  (Also note:  We are flexible when it comes to submissions.  We do accept submissions via formats other than Dropbox – i.e., Pixiset, etc.)


Use of submissions is at the discretion of the editor and all inquiries will be responded to within five (5) business days.